If sleep is important to health and well-being, then so should your bed frame. And what better furniture than a king bed frame that draws you into a restful sleep? Ficari brings together meticulously designed products that are beautifully distinctive and put comfort first.

Our in-house design experts will navigate you through the maze, so you can uncover ways to improve the quality of your sleep night after night. Here is what you need to know:

What Exactly is a King Bed Frame?

A king bed frame is one of the largest bed sizes available, offering an expansive proportion of sleep space. A king-size bed frame and a king mattress may vary in measurements due to the style and material used to design the frame itself.

The quality, style, height, and material of a bed frame can add beautiful functionality to your bedroom.

Ficari carries a selection of king bed frames, including the Strati Deluxe King Bed, which is the perfect piece to add modern, edgy flair and some ambient lighting to the bedroom.

Defined by gentle curves and bold lines, the Bodom King Bed is beautifully engineered to exude sophistication and modernity. 

But even more, the Urto King Bed imbues a modern twist on the classic channel tufted style—lending enduring beauty that’s both timeless and current to any bedroom setting.

3 Things to Consider when Buying a King Bed Frame

Given the years you will keep your bed; your king bed frame needs to be carefully considered because it contributes to a lifetime of quality sleep as well as your bedroom interior design. Here are 3 things to consider:


The first step to designing a bedroom begins with extraordinary and ends with the best bed in the world… A well-designed king bed frame marries impeccable craftsmanship and refined material.

Its design can instantly take your bedroom setting to new heights.  The versatility of Ficari bed frame designs provides endless opportunities to match virtually any home aesthetic.


Ficari’s finest selection of sustainably sourced materials demonstrates how we understand the holistic connection between the quality of design and the comfort of the design. 

From exquisite European linens to vintage boucle and luxurious leather, a well-made upholstered bed frame is firm enough to provide edge-to-edge support but irresistibly soft to the touch.

Opt for the Sarto King Bed in cream boucle to bring a sense of timeless, understated appeal to your bedroom. Tailored neat all the way around, the bed’s clean, simple profile exudes relaxed sophistication.

The Strati King Bed in charcoal Italian linen delivers a stylish statement that honours comfort and functionality.


When purchasing a king bed frame, the style and fabric choice must provide the right support and longevity.

Simply look up the different bed designs and consider one that delivers a trendy yet steadfast presence.

Style your bedroom with any of Ficari beds and you have yourself a piece of furniture to last a lifetime.

November 28, 2022

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