For a lounge-worthy atmosphere that's instantly inviting, a quality sectional is an anchor—a hardworking foundational piece. Finding the right one makes it easy to style with, as it elevates the room and transforms it into a space you can truly live in.

Known for its array of expertly crafted furniture, Ficari's collection of quintessentially modern sectionals brings a certain flair that comfortably allows you to settle in.

If you are considering a sectional, it's worth exploring different design ideas to choose wisely a comfortable piece you’re likely to spend the most time lounging around on.

Why Buy a Sectional?

  • A Place to Relax and Socialize

Ready to weave into your space, a sectional gives you somewhere to sit, lounge, and create an intimate gathering place.

It can prove to be the best furniture choice for living rooms with generous proportions and large families, too.

Designed to the highest quality to ensure generous seating and superb comfort, the Como is incredibly great for scaling out a room and adapting to various layouts.

With the growing popularity of open-plan living, stylish sectionals can be arranged to create a natural boundary between two spaces—or to suit your changing lifestyle needs throughout the day.

  • A Style to Complement Your Decor

Classic, chic, masculine, or cutting-edge? Curvy or straight-lined? Whatever style you’re on the hunt for, a sectional can make a real design statement.

Thanks to a variety of different modules, it allows you to create many smart and exciting configurations for your unique space and lifestyle. Not to mention, it’s the kind of sofa that gives any room a homey feeling and complements just about any design aesthetic.

From U-shaped to left- and right-facing configurations, the Como collection favors unparalleled comfort, beauty, and practicality. Its generosity of form and great depth makes you want to get cozy instantly.

Timeless in its simplicity, the Costa Sectional’s clean, streamlined angles are a thoroughly modern blend of form & function. This versatile collection is brilliantly sized to boldly update open, airy, and grand living rooms.

3 Things to Consider Before Buying a Sectional

Before purchasing a sectional, it's important to consider your lifestyle, aesthetic, and room size. Here’s how to get started:

  • Style

When shopping for the perfect piece for your home, expect a wide variety of styles to choose from. Sectionals are designed to appear modern, minimalist, classic—or in another way entirely.

Of course, the right model can bring an extra element of style that defines the look of your home.

Each furniture detail and fabric description are perfectly outlined on the Ficari website to make choosing the best sectional for your home effortless.

A four-piece sectional design inspired by the classic Serpentine; the Rene Sectional responds to the inherent beauty of a distinct geometric form that doesn’t sacrifice comfort. Striking in its appeal, it's a natural fit for virtually any home.

  • Comfort

Just like any other piece of furniture, a sectional should be as comfortable as possible. For example, Ficari's Paradiso Sectional generously proportioned back serves up a comfortable spot to lounge, while multiple configurations turn this number into a power piece fit wherever you need a fabulous seat.

  • Size

Another factor to consider is the size and shape of your interior space. The right furniture size doesn’t cramp up the room or overwhelm the rest of its decor.

Instead, it makes full use of the desired area while leaving room for traffic flow and the room’s other functions.

Ficari includes the dimensions of each furniture piece to make shopping easier and ensure you pick a size ideal for your space.

December 01, 2022

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