2023 interior design trends veer toward creating a better outlook: palettes, textures, and materials that exude a more relaxed take on sophistication, furniture that encourages sitting together and being convivial, and introducing anything that’s edgy and glamorous but feels approachable, too.

If you’re looking to give your home an on-trend update for the year ahead, there’s something sure to suit your needs. Here’s what’s on the horizon:

  • Oversized Furniture Pieces

Interiors are ever-evolving, and in 2023 we’ll certainly see oversized furniture or large sculptural forms take the spotlight.

The shift toward playing with a scale makes this trend suited for large and small spaces. And as multi-use as living rooms are these days, incorporating one or two oversized furniture pieces brings extra life to a space ideal for both unwinding and socializing.

Whether a huge sofa to curl up and relax in comfort or an aesthetically compelling area rug extending beyond the seating area, you’re sure to make a wow-worthy statement.

The Costa sectional sofa strikes the perfect balance between style, comfort, and conviviality. Thanks to its many configurations, it can be lined all around the room to create a cozy living space.

  • A Blend of Materials

As we move on to more exciting and intriguing interiors, creating visual contrast is a fantastic way to add interest and depth.

And this year, a new blend of materials will grow more noteworthy—allowing homeowners to make their spaces more dynamic.

Materials like metal, glass, leather, and wood can be used in different forms and applications to attain a distinctive look where every element is as fabulous as it can be.

Paired cohesively, a character-rich aesthetic that goes beyond function is achieved.

  • The Re-emergence of Curvy Detailing

From softer architectural lines to curvaceous furniture—bringing curvy silhouettes into the home has been a consistent trend over the years and will continue to steal the spotlight in 2023.

Having enjoyed huge popularity as an ode to retro-modern elegance, now as we move away from the absoluteness of straight lines, curved décor invites a renewed sense of sophisticated flair in just about any interior design genre.

The Negroni sofa packs a visual punch and rhythm that instantly brings theatre and intensity to the room. The perfect piece to dip your toe into this trend—one that you’ll enjoy for years to come.

  • Sophisticated Warm Neutrals

Warm neutrals such as deep white, cream, tan, and beige make some of the most inviting colours that transition well from season to season.

Used on their own, they lend a relaxed sophistication that works well across all styles of home. Paired with bright or bold hues, the outcome is uplifting yet soothing.

In addition, warm neutrals conjure up feelings of contentment and well-being—inspiring us to slow down and seek out ultimate comfort in our daily lives.

  • Comfy and Cozy Everywhere

Crafting cozy and comfortable interiors takes flight in this new season. So, expect to see lots of sumptuous fabrics and textures that make a room look well put together.

Tactile upholsteries in plush velvet, soft boucle, or luxurious leather, alongside warm hues and rich wood tones are part of keeping this trend spinning.

For extra oomph and a luxe look, Ficari’s furniture pieces perfectly cultivate a sense of charm and coziness in any room of the home. Think Bodom king bed for an extra layer of comfort, the Auri chair for a stylish and playful dining space, or the Stretta lounge chair to complete the room with a refined touch of modernity.

January 11, 2023

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