To meet modern living, furniture should help create a highly desirable home while also being comfortable.

Some pieces make up the foundation of the room and are paramount to how it is decorated—while others are complementing pieces used to complete an interior you’ll love for years to come.

Ficari’s furniture is designed to be stylish, timeless, and practical for modern living. Each piece is created in the spirit of longevity and an exceptional quality you’ll be proud to have in your home.

Discover our top 5 furniture pieces that define modern living:

  • Sofa

This may seem obvious but by selecting the right sofa, you have yourself a furniture piece to match any living room, family room, or home workspace.

For larger rooms, sectional sofas may be an excellent choice—providing the most amount of seating to comfortably lounge or gather with loved ones for good conversation.

Not to mention, the many pieces of a modular sectional allow you to flex your creative muscles should the purpose of a room shift as your needs change.

If a standard sofa is where you’re leaning, there’s a plethora of choices conceived solidly on quality, style, and comfort.

And with a wide range of fabrications that ensure a sofa is long-lasting and withstands wear, you can fine-tune this essential piece to blend perfectly into your decor.

The Bodom sofa design focuses on gentle curves, quality upholstery, and a sturdy wood base. The result is a gorgeously modern piece that isn’t entirely trendy. Quite the opposite, in fact: It’s timeless, versatile, and adapts to any interior design genre with ease.

  • Ottoman

The perfect companion to a sofa, sectional, or lounge chair, an ottoman serves in both form and function to living spaces of all styles.

Versatile and comfortable, ottomans make excellent footstools or additional seating—some offered alongside matching sofas, others available individually.

The Buro ottoman is sure to add high-end comfort and a sophisticated presence to any room. Generously sized, this modern piece sits flush to the floor and can double as a coffee table for a more casual look and feel.

  • Coffee Table

A coffee table is a fantastic finishing touch that adds an extra layer of interest and function to a living room, family room, or den.

More than a place to stack books or display the right mix of objects, this modern living essential can help tie all the pieces around it together and provide a central surface for entertaining.

The Cosenza coffee table holds a modern and streamlined appeal that blends into virtually any aesthetic. Its sleek frame and bold top give it a nice contrasted appearance.

  • Lounge Chair

A lounge chair is the unsung hero of any living space, standing at the ready to fulfill its aesthetic and functional role.

While not quite as multifunctional as a sofa, this piece of accent furniture can up the room’s style ante by several notches.

For any space that’s in need of a little pizzazz, the Vuoto lounge chair is the statement piece that’s ready to turn heads at your next soirée.

  • Bed Frame

A quality bed frame is key to the coveted bedtime setup and can contribute to a beautiful, thoughtfully designed bedroom interior.

With a myriad of options available; space, style, and comfort needs come centerstage when selecting this modern living piece.

Ficari’s Bodom collection is proof that form can meet function, and then some. Designed for you to escape it all, this superlative bed frame has all the hallmarks of essential modern living furniture: stylistic flair and unrivaled support night after night.

January 18, 2023

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