No matter the size and shape of a room, a sectional can boost style, space, and comfort in your home.

With so many different ways to configure this piece of upholstered furniture, it is important to first consider how you plan to style the space and how you’ll use the seating area.

Ultra-modern, super-comfy, and spacious seating from Ficari offers you endless possibilities to create a variety of layouts that pack a lot of flair and function into any room style.

Here’s how you can arrange your sectional sofa and craft the space of your dreams:

  • Create a Cozy Feel in a Small Space

Contrary to popular belief, incorporating a sectional sofa into a small space can be your ticket to the perfect living room. Hard to believe?

The best way to position a sectional where space is limited is to nestle it neatly in a corner or against the wall. This placement opens up the floor area and makes it a breeze to get around comfortably without blocking off the flow of the whole room.

  • Break It Up into Different Layouts

As a more sizable alternative to a standard sofa, a sectional can be much more versatile than it appears.

A modular sectional is the ultimate functional complement to any living room layout as it offers the flexibility to be reconfigured to adapt to your changing needs and lifestyle.

This is because this customizable seating option comprises individual pieces of the same height that can be moved around and still fit together to maintain a clean, sleek appearance.

Styling with a modular sectional means you have the option of using each piece however you wish throughout your living space.

  • Create an Intimate Conversation Area

Sectional sofas can prove an exceptionally great choice for creating a more intimate area that fosters easy conversation and relaxation.

For example, a U-shaped Como paired with additional seating such as two occasional chairs facing it creates a circular arrangement for intimate entertaining—all while making the room cozy and homey.

This setup can be oriented around a coffee table or an upholstered cube to visually balance the seating arrangement.

  • Float It On an Area Rug

Creating a welcoming and cozy finish can elevate the look and feel of your living space, and never more so than when arranging furniture.

Centering your sectional in the middle of the room—on an area rug big enough that the entire piece rests on it—is a great way to add comfort and style.

If you can’t find a suitable oversized area rug, at the very least, pick one that’s large enough to accommodate the front legs of the sectional while sufficiently padding the area in front.

This arrangement is worth your consideration if you’re planning to center a sectional in a living room with many floor-to-ceiling windows and not enough wall space to bolster your furniture.

January 07, 2023

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