On most homeowners’ wish list is to find that one piece that acts as a feature of interest—something that ties the room’s elements together while creating a comfortable harmony.

With any room in the house, that strong visual piece can be something as deceptively simple as a lounge chair.

Equal parts decorative and functional, lounge chairs come in a variety of styles and materials, making it possible to find one that instantly draws the eye and turns your space into something truly spectacular.

To make your lounge chair an intriguing statement piece, here’s what you need to know:

  • Start with a Timeless Piece

Your room’s statement piece is more than picking a must-have item, it will likely inspire the direction of your overall design scheme.

If you’re going for something trendy to be the leading lady, chances are your room can quickly feel dated.

To make your lounge chair the room’s statement piece, lean towards an unpretentious design with enduring appeal… one that, regardless of era or style, will continue to build on your aesthetic even as your taste evolves.

The Bodom lounge chair has an element we are always in favor of and that’s modern flair and timeless sophistication. Its curvy contours and fine details effortlessly take center stage without you having to go to great lengths.

Choosing such a stylistically bold and enduring piece is enough to draw attention and provide a feeling of luxurious simplicity.

  • Choose a Distinctive Design

A lounge chair with a unique profile from the rest of your furniture captures interest and keeps the eye entertained.

The point here is to use a contrasting shape to emphasize the best feature of the room and bring guaranteed visual impact.

Because the shape of your statement piece does all the talking, keep the rest of your decor calm enough to visually let it shine.

A furniture piece like the Tosca lounge chair is designed to inject artistic flair and rich detail into any room it lands. Exuding a sense of quiet confidence, its enchanting presence will enhance or tastefully contrast with other decor elements. Pair two of these to add definition and a play of symmetry to the scheme of things.

  • Explore your Unique Style

The point of a statement piece is to capture interest, so ideally, you want to go for a lounge chair that reflects your unique style to do just that.

If your style dictates it explores a bold shot of color, texture, or shape you wouldn't necessarily consider on a larger piece, then find a lounge chair that makes people take notice because of these distinctive features.

Luckily for you, there are pieces in every conceivable style that are sure to make an impression no matter your interior design genre.

The Vuoto lounge chair’s open and closed concept makes it an excellent centerpiece to add rhythm, depth, and strong visual impact to virtually any space. Supremely comfortable, it invites you to lounge and relax with ease.

February 06, 2023

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