Walking into a hotel room evokes a sense of excitement. It’s the gently scented plush pillows, soft ambient lighting, furniture craftsmanship, and curation of every single detail that instantly make you feel posh and inspired.

Experiencing this distinctively refined design approach means creating a living space that feels comforting and sophisticated—but also captivates with its details, feeling, and uniqueness.

Here are a few ways to emulate the exquisite ambiance of a hotel room in your home:

  • Focus on Quality Furniture Pieces

Incorporating quality furniture pieces into your space is an essential ingredient to creating a luxe hotel feel.

Your style of furniture should aim to elevate your living space from basic to enticing—as well as set the tone for how you entertain your family and guests.

For instance, a sofa that best conveys feelings of comfort and is tailored to perfection to easily adapt to various surroundings is the ideal piece to make any interior space feel infinitely more luxurious.

Ficari’s Bodom sofa combines great style, flawless construction, and quality material to give it a unique and memorable appeal. Paired with complementing furnishings and accessories, consider your expectations for a sublime interior exceeded.

  • Don't Skimp on Bedroom Comfort

The best part of a cozy, pristine hotel is the bed—typically dressed in top-quality crisp cotton percale and sumptuous pillows that embrace you into a soft cocoon.

If you want to step things up a notch, the first step and best place to invest is a well-designed and high-quality bed frame.

Opt for a style that instantly elevates the look and feel of the room, and provides great support and comfort that draws you into a restful sleep night after night. Topping your bedframe with the crème de la crème of mattresses is a foundation for a healthier way of life.

Ready for the best sleep experience possible? Our Urto collection will have you feeling like you're back in your favorite hotel. Stylish and functional in equal measure, it is the best piece to recreate the ultimate luxury experience you’ve been dreaming of.

  • Keep Accessories Bold but Minimal

Accessories are what give a space extra personality and a bit of whimsy, but this shouldn’t mean filling the room to the brim.

High-end hotel rooms are thoughtfully curated with just the right amount of décor, and so should your living space if you intend to create the same effect.

Personal touches you are fond of, such as a large piece of intriguing art, an elegant clock that instantly catches the eye, or nice scented candles are enough to bring a sense of detail and finishing without creating visual clutter

Making for the perfect finishing touch, the Buro ottoman is more than additional seating. Use it to create a divine display… think, a decorative marble chain link crowning a stack of coffee table books for that one-and-done detail.

  • Enhance Ambiance with Lighting

The sheer theatricality of directing the way spaces change from day to evening is one of the key building blocks in bringing a hotel-like aesthetic into your home.

The real key is to layer your lighting scheme—ambient, accent, and task lighting—to create an adaptable environment for the different needs of your space.

This means having the right mix of direct and indirect lighting for a bright room to enliven the day, which can be altered to a more calming and relaxing evening mood at the end of the day.

February 13, 2023

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