Today more than ever, kitchen counter stools are a comfortable and stylish seating option—bringing relaxed lounging to a multi-use space where good conversation flows.

Open to new and versatile uses, these long-legged chairs make any interior space that blends functionality and style feel interesting and whole.

But with so many features to choose from, picking the right counter stools definitely poses its challenges. Here is a simple guideline to follow when buying new seating for your home:

  • Consider Your Overall Style

Dreaming of a relaxed modern kitchen island setting? Or is a chic, contemporary feel more up your alley? Statement-making or discreet seating? Complementing or contrasting material?

The various styles available make it possible to find counter stools that cater to your kitchen’s overall aesthetics in many ways.

Choose stylish stools that will ultimately suit the type of look you want to achieve. Luckily, modern silhouettes focused on the pleasure of gathering like the Anello collection are sure to keep your scheme feeling fresh for years to come.

The soft tactility of upholstery merged with the warmth of wood and the luxe appeal of metal make this piece a timeless choice for today’s furniture shoppers looking to bring sophisticated flair into their living spaces.

  • Prioritize Comfort and Support

From backrest pieces to stools with a footrest, good quality construction should be factored into your buying decision. That being said, your lifestyle and how you intend to use the stools will determine what features are must-haves:

  • Upholstery

While upholstered counter stools tend to physically and visually take up more room, they do however provide the ultimate comfort and greatly enhance time spent in the kitchen.

Better yet, upholstered pieces introduce new material into a design palette, infusing an extra dose of inviting warmth, depth, and dimension. If spills will be an issue, consider easy-to-clean materials like boucle, leather, or Belgian linen.

The round and soft lines of Auri stool lend a touch of effortless luxury. An epitome of enduring style and flair, its curvy, enveloping profile is sure to elevate your hosting experience.

  • Backrest

Backless stools like the Barlume deliver a minimalist aesthetic and can flawlessly slide beneath the counter. Additionally, they’re fantastic for leisurely sitting and enjoying a quick snack.

But for something lounge-worthy, backless seating may not be the best choice. A backed counter stool with a deep seat offers bonus comfort points to enjoy lingering meals.

  • Footrest

A relaxed pause shouldn’t result in strained legs or lower back pain. So, as you would expect, a footrest plus an added back are great features to provide leg support and promote good posture.

  • The Right Height Matters

Ensuring optimum comfort is all about the math, so it’s crucial that you measure, measure, and measure again before committing to kitchen counter stools. How tall the counter surface is will determine how tall your stools should be.

While height may vary depending on design, kitchen counter models typically stand between 24 to 27 inches high—ideal for countertops that are 36 inches high. With this in mind, aim for stools that aren’t too low nor too high but just the right height to comfortably slide in and out.

May 22, 2023

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