The beauty is all in the detail hence the intricacies of texture is essential to good, luxurious design. And while one would assume an amalgamation of rich and varied fabrics would result in a space best described as “kitsch”, the outcome is quite the opposite.

In decorating your own home, you will find that a composition of juxtaposing textures has the amazing ability to inject layers of interest and give any space a distinctive point of view.

With the right selection of furniture pieces in combination with other design elements, it’s fairly easy to boost the aesthetic quality of your home with unique character.

As a luxury furniture brand, Ficari favors sustainable materials—with the company fabricating furniture that reflects timeless opulence and comfort. Each piece is a statement, designed meticulously to transcend the fashion of the moment and elevate modern and contemporary settings.

Whether you reside in the sprawling city of Los Angeles, the cosmopolitan energy of New York City, or the chic sophistication of Toronto, our premium furniture can be shipped to your doorstep, allowing you to confidently move forward in achieving your design and styling goals.

Here’s how to combine fabrics and finishes for a luxurious interplay:

  • Avoid static, create dimension

With the continued focus on refined interiors with pared-back palettes, a scheme that fails to explore intelligent use of materiality is a scheme that falls seriously short of the mark. Building a textural scheme can evoke a dynamic mood and tell a unique story.

The precise art of combining raw with refined and blending sophistication and spontaneity by adopting a visual and textural contrast of fabrics and finishes is an invitation to create luxurious interiors full of soul.

At Ficari, we are passionate about using natural materials such as bouclé, Belgian linen, velvet, and leather as they add a layer of luxe, infuse so much depth and dimension, and stop the space from feeling static.

  • Visually connect the differences

While juxtaposing textures that appeal to more than one sense can result in a luxurious interplay that’s immersive and arresting, pulling it all together requires careful consideration.

In mixing fabrics and finishes, consider remaining consistent in your color palette to create a sense of cohesion and style direction. Reducing the visual “noise” of bold color allows for distinct variation without entirely overwhelming the space.

  • Maintain a sense of balance

In incorporating juxtaposing textures, there has to be a hierarchy within a space. Getting layers right can be quite tricky.

Exercise too much restrain and the resulting effect is minimal. Do too much and you’ll have an unsettled room that’s way too disjointed for things to make sense. But maintain a thoughtful mixology of textures and you attain an elevated home with perfectly balanced moments throughout.

When choosing upholstered furniture pieces, it’s a good idea to contrast thick, durable fabrics with light, airy materials to contribute to the dynamic vibe of the room.

Lastly, incorporating polished details to take on a supporting role encourages statement pieces with more conspicuous textures to shine.

June 16, 2023


Mia said:

This blog post truly resonated with me! As someone who appreciates the beauty of interior design, I couldn’t agree more that the intricacies of texture play a vital role in creating a luxurious space. The idea of juxtaposing fabrics and finishes to inject layers of interest is simply brilliant. It’s refreshing to see that Ficari, as a luxury furniture brand, prioritizes sustainable materials while still delivering timeless opulence and comfort.

I particularly loved the emphasis on creating dimension and avoiding static in a design scheme. The blend of raw and refined materials, such as bouclé, Belgian linen, velvet, and leather, can truly add depth and soul to a space. And the suggestion to visually connect the differences by maintaining a consistent color palette is a valuable tip.

Finding the right balance in incorporating contrasting textures is indeed a challenge, but when executed thoughtfully, it can elevate a home to new heights. I appreciate the advice on contrasting thick, durable fabrics with light, airy materials for a dynamic vibe. The idea of polished details taking on a supporting role is also a clever way to let statement pieces shine.

Overall, this blog post has inspired me to explore the world of textures and finishes in my own home. I can’t wait to create a distinctive point of view and infuse my space with a luxurious interplay of materials. Thank you, Ficari, for sharing these insightful tips and offering premium furniture that allows us to achieve our design and styling goals regardless of our location.

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