French for "curled" or "ringed”, bouclé is one of those fabrics that exude an immediate sense of comfort. Characterized by a highly nubby and almost fleecy appearance, the fabric’s cozy texture adds softness and visual tactility to upholstered furniture.

And thanks to the resurgence of modern and organic forms, what was once a staple in midcentury interiors has become an easy-to-style iconic weave for a plethora of interior design aesthetics.

Ficari’s selection of sustainably sourced materials exemplifies a commitment to maintaining exceptional quality, comfort, and meticulous detail. From sofas to lounge chairs to ottomans, our bouclé offerings express luxury and charm that blends flawlessly into today’s modern living.

  • Durable and Long-lasting

As brilliantly comfy and luxurious as bouclé looks, this nubby textile made from yarns of fittingly, curled fibers is incredibly durable, adaptable, and can be treated to be dirt- and stain-resistant for extra peace of mind. 

It is its superior performance that makes it a star choice for furniture upholstery. And if looked after well, bouclé fabric goes the distance in high-traffic spaces like the dining and living room.

Ficari’s sofa collection boasts myriad high-quality upholstery options ideal for family living. A bouclé piece or two is enough to bring out the very best of this textile and elevate the look and feel of the room with long-lasting durability and more.

  • Cozy and Comfortable

Favored for its lovely tactility and breathability, bouclé material’s cozy and captivating flair is a welcome benefit that appeals to how we desire to live today—warm, comfy, and convivial.

While wool is typically associated with bouclé, the curly-knotted technique can be achieved with cotton, linen, rayon, and silk. Plus, the various fabric weights mean your home can be fully bouclé-d up to your heart’s content without seeming too over the top.

Create a cozy nook for reading or relaxing with the comfortable prestige of the Tuscan lounge chair. Its bouclé upholstery offers an extra-plush feel that envelops with a pleasant warmth—guests will linger… Perfect piece to up the everyday coziness of a range of interior settings.

  • Versatile and Stylish

Bouclé’s sumptuous nature brings a luxurious and soft aesthetic to a casual lifestyle. Its depth of richness evokes a sense of warmth that renders upholstered furniture irresistible for lounging. And nowhere is this more apparent than with curved and sculptural seating.

An element of surprise can be found in how the fabric adds a layer of visual interest without the fuss for color or pattern. One can transform the room’s scenery with an intriguing statement piece while keeping to a subdued palette. Tonal hues of white, beige, and charcoal lend a contemporary touch to modern settings.

You need not undertake a major overhaul to infuse the finesse of this supremely snuggly-yet-chic material into your home. A textured accent like the Cinta bench looks amazing across the room. Its curly bouclé fibers deliver visual weight while a neutral tone heightens the bench’s enduring beauty.

May 15, 2023

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