Think of your bedroom as a blank canvas. Like an artful collage, you can fill the space with occasional pops of color and rich textures to show off your personal taste and create a cozy atmosphere.

The addition of a stylish, spacious, and comfortable king bed feels like the epitome of luxury. Today’s modern bed frame designs can accentuate bedroom styling up the notch and work wonderfully with elements around it to create the perfect end-of-day retreat.

If your boudoir lacks the spark, a few well-worth-it refinements may be in order. Take note on how to style the room with a new king size bed and conjure an inviting, sensuous vibe.

  • Consider color scheme

If you’re shopping for king size beds online, a bedroom color scheme is something to consider early on. Muted pastels set a soft and dreamy tone, neutrals lend a warm and sophisticated finish, and a moody palette evokes a dramatic yet enveloping ambiance.

Ultimately, the style of your new king size bed should complement the room’s overall palette. If you tend to switch things up often, a neutral bed frame never fails to find its place in just about any setting.

  • Choose a bed design

In terms of bed frame designs, these come in a plethora of styles: from modern and streamlined to traditional platforms and hotel-style contemporary frames. Quality craftsmanship will see you through many years of restful sleep.

As the room’s dominant feature, the design you lean on can set the tone for how you style the space around it. The best thing about opting for a modern, upholstered king bed design is its potential.

It’s fantastic for infusing rich tactility and offers plenty of opportunity to go in any direction with bedroom décor—especially a neutral piece.

It’s worth noting that while bedframe aesthetic matters in bringing swoon-worthy personality, soothing comfort and enhanced support should never play second fiddle.

  • Coordinate furniture pieces

As well as selecting the perfect bed, you'll need to fill the space with a few coveted furniture pieces that work together cohesively. A big anchor piece deserves to be paired with equally large furniture for a sense of balance throughout.

Nightstands are typically the second piece selected to anchor the bed and add form and function. A stunning bench at the foot of the bed or a cozy nook with a comfy lounge chair adds extra detail to a room, makes unwinding easy, and creates a retreat within a retreat.

Whether striving for all things understated or statement-making, sticking to the same era of elements results in thoughtfully curated bedroom furniture coordination.

  • Focus on quality bedding

What's the best way to style a king size bed? As the centerpiece of any bedroom—adorning your bed with quality, sumptuous linen, comfy pillows, stylish throws, and plush cushions adds that extra layer of sophistication.

However, with the sprawling canvas of a king bed, ensure your bedding choices feel cohesive, never bland nor cluttered. Soft furnishings that are largely white or neutral work flawlessly with virtually any style of bed—all the while giving bedroom décor a “straight from a magazine” finish.

July 28, 2023

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