The bedroom is a deeply personal space, and deciding on its aesthetic comes down to one question: how daring do you want the overall scheme to be?

As the focal point, a punchy upholstered headboard is what ties all the room’s elements together. What started as a functional and cozy piece of furniture has evolved in recent years—bringing a touch of flamboyant style to even the most lackluster of interiors.

With an elaborate range of sumptuous textures, striking patterns, and intricate design details, modern bedroom ideas show just how fabric headboards can transform ordinary beds into artistic masterpieces.

Ficari marries clean-lined silhouettes and exquisite construction to craft a range of upholstered beds perfectly in tune with today’s modern living. Whether you reside in Toronto, Los Angeles, or New York City, our premium furniture can be shipped to your doorstep, allowing you to create an interior that matches your personal taste.

  • Introduce bold color and pattern

If you’re building visual interest into a formerly plain space, take a break from safe neutrals and opt for a cushioned headboard in a vivacious fabric. Color and pattern are two staples that effortlessly make a statement.

Explore the various hues that achieve a unique and cozy look. For example, shades of blue-green and blue-violet are great choices for a fresh update without overwhelming the space.

  • Add texture for a cocooning effect

An upholstered headboard doesn’t have to be jolting to assume the role of a showstopper. Equally, there is a sense of novelty in pared-back hues that does all the talking.

Far greater than the go-to white and beige, a neutral palette of deep shades—think charcoal, terracotta, and black—offer the opportunity for a collected space of curated luxury.

If you’re looking to bring a neutral bed into focus, then it is textural drama you should pay more attention to. Statement headboards are fantastic for introducing flair with materiality in mind—and you can indulge in the most expensive fabrics to instantly liven up your bedroom.

Ficari’s Bodom collection is a testament to how richly textured material infuses depth and dimension. Available in luscious velvet, fine boucle, and luxe crosshatch; an upholstered headboard queen constructed of quality material truly contributes to a liveable yet dynamic space.

  • Intrigue with unique shape and detail

Today headboard designs favor the bold. With a plethora of style choices available, you can think outside the box instead of going for a rectangular shape.

From subtle curves to interesting arches to winged sections, your style choice is pretty much limited by your imagination. ​​Curvaceous silhouettes imbue playful and polished elevation to every day.

The other side of the same coin is the extended or elongated upholstered headboard that transitions from straight to curved form. This unique approach adds definition and an interest that draws the eye across the room—instantly transforming a bland space into a showstopper.

Whether you’re looking to highlight a room’s unique architectural feature or simply seek extra style impact, the Strati Deluxe bed marries bold geometry with a richly textured landscape. The upholstered headboard king with overlapping panels and LED lighting detail calls attention to its meticulous craftsmanship.

August 09, 2023

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