Sectionals are worthy investment pieces that often take up slightly more floor space and do a little more. And yes, sometimes sectionals do have their challenges, but living in a small space is hardly a reason to opt out of your dream furniture.

Today’s chic, modern, and versatile options have a slim enough profile to work in almost any space or home—providing a ticket to functional seating, optimized traffic flow, and tons of flair. You just need to get clever with creative furniture placement.

With these different ways to arrange a sectional to guide the way, you’ll be able to outsmart your limiting floorplan and craft an interior space in which style is just as paramount as comfort.

  • Consider a cozy corner

Perhaps the most obvious and yet the least creative furniture placement, but a sectional nestles into this spot like a glove.

If you’re working with an L-shaped configuration, pushing the attached chaise into the far corner of the room frees up the rest of the space and maximizes seating without obstructing flow or compromising comfort.

Additionally, this placement allows for adding a stunning coffee table and extra seating. Depending on the look you’re striving for, that could be a set of lounge or accent chairs to complete the arrangement.

  • Float your furniture

Limited space is always a selling point to think beyond seating conventions, which could mean steering away from sitting a sectional against the wall.

To tackle this creative furniture placement, you want to choose a sectional size and shape that offers gracious space on all sides to move around with ease.

And because your sectional is likely to be the largest item, centering helps establish it as the focal point and shows off all its angles.

Additionally, pulling pieces away from the wall opens the floor of a small living room into a more intimate space for easy conversation and cozy relaxation. Ultimately the goal is to evoke a warm welcome.

  • Define an open space

If you’re thinking of different ways to arrange a sectional when it comes to compact open-plan rooms and studio apartments, consider using it to divide up the space.

When walls are at a premium, a sectional L-shaped configuration can set apart functional areas, even if subtly, while maintaining an element of fluidity, cohesion, and comfort.

For instance, position your seat in a way that defines the end of the living room and cue that you’re moving into the dining area. Essentially, this placement adds extra functionality by creating two rooms in one.

  • Break it up

The customizable nature of modular sectionals makes them the perfect piece to fit any small or unique room layout. Let’s be honest, we use the living room for all sorts of activities, from lounging to entertaining to gaming.

Having the opportunity to break up the arrangement and easily adapt your layout is all the flexibility you need when working with a small space.

A combination of armrests, back heights, ledges, and ottomans means you can craft an ultra-cozy setting without the need for any other furniture.

To get to the core of how to arrange a sectional in a living room this way, separate the seat into two or three pieces and use the ottoman as a coffee table. You will create an amazing look while still leaving room to breathe.

July 24, 2023

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