No longer is the bathroom a space intended for the single purpose of maintaining healthy hygiene. In new and renovated homes, its full potential is worth exploring and a little work can transform this room into a zone of luxury—a wonderfully serene sanctuary in which to escape the frantic whirlwind of a stressful day.

Here’s how to create an indulgent and lavish experience in which to relish:

  • Choose calming colors

An all-white color scheme can open up and brighten a space, but it can also feel cold and clinical for a relaxing bathroom.

To infuse a new lease of life, consider experimenting with a visually calming palette. Turn to nature for inspiration to create a peaceful getaway that sets you up for the day ahead and grounds you come nightfall.

Natural hues like sandy browns, soft grays, cool blues, and aquatic greens lend an organic feel that, even for a few minutes, melts away your day-to-day concerns.

  • Set mood with lighting

Lighting can positively impact mood and well-being, so it’s crucial to get the basics right when revamping your bathroom.

For most of us, a full recharge deserving of a truly luxurious soak usually takes place at the end of every evening. Keep the mood buoyant with ambient lighting—and consider incorporating unique fixtures to create a high-end layered lit aesthetic.

Wall sconces, chandeliers, and even candelabras are fantastic ensembles. A simple detail like dimmer switches can transform this space from a hum-drum workhorse into a sensual oasis.

  • Go for luscious greenery

Incorporating luscious greenery not only provides visual interest but it’s also a brilliant way to purify and filter the air.

Look to plants that appreciate the extra humidity and lowlight condition, including species of ferns, monstera, aloe vera, and trailing pothos, to add some finesse to the room’s tranquil vibe. 

  • Turn up metallic glitz

No matter how tame your interiors may be, incorporating modern metallic details creates a space that goes beyond merely functional.

Swap out your current handles, ​ pulls, and faucets with shiny gold, chrome, or even matte black fixtures to instantly usher in a captivating design finish.

  • Soften floors with a rug

With luxury the name of the game, covering cold, hard floors with a plush rug ensures comfort underfoot.

Rugs are a fantastic way to add a quintessentially chic touch without the fear of overwhelming the space. A plethora of materials and styles that only get better as they age means you’re spoilt for choice.

  • Offer a plush seat

The savviest of designers will tell you that there's something transcendent about inviting a touch of shape and texture in bathroom design.

If you have the additional square footage, a plush seat of some sort adds a cozy welcome easily. Plus, an unexpected statement piece in a bathroom is very luxe—especially when the seating in question is Ficari’s Buro ottoman.

Placed in the center of a large bathroom, this stunning, generously proportioned ottoman lends itself more readily to uses other than a place to perch and will complement virtually any interior aesthetic.

April 07, 2023

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