Whatever the size, shape, or configuration, an entryway is an essential room in every home. As a spot that makes the first impression, its furnishings should create visual cohesion throughout.

An entryway bench is a versatile piece that comes in a dizzying array of styles—perfect for curating a warm and inviting homecoming. Not to mention a supremely useful seat for all last minute dashes out of the door.

Looking for the perfect furniture pieces in Canada to create a lovely vignette in your home? Ficari creates furniture that packs a punch in both style and function. Our luxury benches are made to stand the test of time and move easily from room to room—and home to home.

Here’s how you can infuse contemporary flair with a designer go-to piece that always earns a spot:

  • Choose your style

Before choosing an entryway bench, you’ll first need to consider the style of the room. By its very nature, this space acts as a microcosm of your home aesthetic and introduces the narrative that’s to follow as one begins to explore.

For a simple and often small piece of furniture, this long, low-slung seat can serve as a stylish accent piece that creates a brief moment of color, shape, and texture as you pass through the space.

Practical, modern, and a dream to decorate with, the Torii bench is a simplistic yet stunning piece that easily transitions into different spaces and works beautifully with a myriad of décor styles.

  • Focus on material

When it comes to making a big style impact, the sum of all the smallest details truly creates an inspired picture—from color to texture to shape.

For a modern and luxury entryway, investing in high-quality materials and textures will unlock all the comforting qualities of the space and give your guests a warm welcome.

Cushioned or firm, dressed up or dressed down, a bench of outstanding quality elevates the room to an upscale status that’s meant to capture the eye.

An upholstered piece like the Cinta bench will help offset the hard design elements that may be present in your décor scheme. It’s a fantastic seat to mix with contemporary pieces and create a casual elegance that works well for everyday living.

  • Create harmonious flow

Creating an upscale composition can be deceptively tricky since entryways run the gamut size-wise. But no matter its footprint, the pieces you choose should work together as a cohesive unit to define the character of the space.

When your bench feels out of place or competes for attention with other individual pieces, the entire space falls into visual unease. Think about which wall your eye first lands as you walk into the room, and anchor that wall with a statement-making piece.

Artwork above for a jolt of personality or a mirror for added reflection will complete the look. Place an edited selection of additional furnishings in a way that allows an effortless flow into the rooms nearby.

April 17, 2023

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