While it may sound unconventional, varying the style of the chairs around the dining table is a brilliant way to serve up sophisticated edge with a side of luxe comfort.

It can be a single element; color, shape, material, or style, that instantly infuses character and charm into your space. Still, it’s important that the mismatched pieces have a unifying factor for consistency. Without cohesion, the various seaters can devolve quickly into a chaotic mess.

So if you love to entertain, you need not limit your choices to a whole one-note set. Here’s how you can create a unique dining setup that provokes intrigue:

  • Same color and design, different finishes

A mishmash of dining seating in disparate finishes while adhering to a single color can elevate the overall look, feel, and experience of the space.

Sticking to a unifying color ensures there aren’t too many points of difference—while variation in finish offers a tailored way to showcase a decidedly eclectic aesthetic.

Whether you opt for the Mezzaluna collection and pair wood with metal or fabric and leather, merging different materials creates a tactile and contemporary vibe.

  • Same design and finish, different colors

Scale and composition are crucial, but color has a way of transforming a plain space into a curated beauty. It can help define the feel of a room and ultimately set the tone for its entire design.

Getting the same chair in different hues is a can't-fail way to create a little scene within your dining area. For consistency, the unifying element, in this case, is the shape, style, and finish.

A subtler approach to ease into the mismatched look is to opt for accent chairs on the ends of the table that either complement or contrast with the rest of the set. This way, you can add a pop of personality and visual interest while maintaining a sense of cohesion.

Draw intrigue and get the table talk in a whirlwind with the Auri chair. A perfect addition to a set of neutral seating that’s sure to lend style panache.

  • Blend modern with traditional seating

When mixing and matching seats of different eras, less is really more. A great tip is to keep to two disparate styles with a similar shape to prevent the setup from looking jumbled rather than composed.

If your taste steers toward this mix and match technique, a glass table will tie in beautifully and let the unique styles of the chairs be the star of the show.

The Sarto chair offers a modern sensibility to a classic design, making it a fantastic piece that’s guaranteed to look on-trend and up-to-date. Paired with traditional pieces in a tactile wood frame finish, the result is one that captivates the eyes.

  • Swap out a few chairs for a bench

Here’s another interesting idea to consider: mix and match dining seating by introducing a bench along one side of the table.

Whether built into the corner, banquette-style, or free-standing, this simple variation allows you to craft a bespoke look that’s uniquely yours. In addition, the strong divergence from chairs to bench gives the eye a nice break.

The Cinta bench encourages relaxed and sociable seating. Its finely upholstered frame will soften the lines of any dining table while thin metal legs lend a light and airy feel.

March 24, 2023

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