The best furniture style is one that brings personality and character into your home. And just like any other interior feature, you want furniture to ultimately enhance the quality of your life.

Whether you prefer curved lines, geometric forms, or asymmetrical designs, unique furniture shapes champion different moods.

In this blog post, we’ll dive into the world of modern living room furniture, exploring unique shapes and how they contribute to the overall aesthetic of an interior setting.

  • Clean, geometric forms

Ranging from straight-backed sofas to square-edged tables, furniture designs in geometric form slip easily into any home, creating an excitedly chic setup or freshening up the old.

Frequently associated with virtues such as structure and simplicity, this shapely flair emphasizes straight lines and sharp angles—free from visual noise and unnecessary flourish.

Squares, diamonds, octagons, rectangles—the beauty of using these geometric motifs lie in the many style possibilities. Large pieces and small details align to exude a refined, modern sensibility that instantly invigorates with rich depth, visual intrigue, and extra dimension.

Placed strategically, a collection of geometric furniture styles destined to be the love of your living room can transform a mundane environment into one that’s bold, sure, and ready to take command of the eye.

How much geometry you incorporate is dependent on the room’s proportion, shape, and dimensions. Sticking to two or three categories of shape, say square and rectangular furniture designs, and repeating throughout results in a harmonious medley of lines and angles.

In the same breath, you can afford to blend clean geometric forms with other styles to create a dynamic point of view that’s devoid of rigidity. A meticulous collaboration is key so no one shape detracts from the other.

If your space already has the anchor pieces, you can still introduce minimalist furniture accents as finishing touches. Square-angled ottomans or side tables fit in just right as simple yet stylish additions to a well-defined room.

  • Soft, curvy forms

If you have ever wondered why sweeping contours, arched forms, and scalloped edges have followed us through the ages the answer is simple; curved silhouettes lend an innate gentleness that infuses a more relaxed and cozier feel.

Whether you want to be subtle or punch up the impact, layering varying scales of welcoming curves is a fantastic way to juxtapose hard, more formal lines.

And it turns out, one of the best attributes of curvaceous modern living room furniture is its impressive ability to create enveloping convivial areas that tap into our desire for closeness.

Done in an indulgent palette of muted tones and a subtle scale, this novel furniture aesthetic can be sophisticated and harmonious. Meaning you can enjoy the minimal, understated look that any modernista loves, but with an added sense of approachability. Adapted in bold hues and generous proportions, the effect can add eye-catching vigor with ease.

If you’re ready to throw your living space a curveball, get your swerve on with Ficari’s sofa and lounge chair collection—from cocooning Arco to sculptural Negroni. Paired with other rounded shapes, you’ll have visual moments that invite the eye to move smoothly throughout the space. Best of all? You’re sure of timeless statement furniture pieces that transcend fleeting trends.

  • Asymmetric forms

When designing our homes, we tend to have a natural inclination toward attaining a sense of order. While comforting, relying solely on symmetry, particularly when selecting modern living room furniture, often leads to a formulaic space.

The composition of asymmetrical forms results in unequal weight on the sides of the furniture’s center line. Its design approach focuses on more abstract and avant-garde shapes.

It is unpredictable and challenges convention, thus far more likely to catch the eye and deliver a shot of informality to any space. Pairing pieces of similar lines and colorways achieves a sense of repetition and a wonderfully composed, harmonious design scheme.

Our Rene collection embraces modern, edgy design that accentuates the room with a sense of buoyancy and panache. Highlighting unbalanced yet intriguing asymmetrical silhouettes, these luxe respites will instantly elevate with lively visual interest and a notable talking point.

Geometric, curvy, and asymmetric furniture aesthetics deliver refined and sophisticated detailing, something of which Ficari excel. Each of our pieces is meticulously crafted to not only impress with exquisite appeal but also satisfy the demands of modern living: sturdy construction, unparalleled comfort, and exceptional finishing.

July 21, 2023

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