The Ficari furniture design process, from concept to creation, is an art in itself. With a longstanding reputation for quality running deep in our manufacturing process, creating superior furniture where differentiation and uniqueness are fundamental represents the basis of our business philosophy.

The result is a production based on the combination of tradition and originality with a modern approach. From the first strokes on paper to sourcing the highest quality materials to following best practices, every Ficari piece is built to last and endure beautifully.

  • Creative conceptualization

The company remains at the forefront of the furniture industry by continually exploring new forms and pushing boundaries without compromising on the authenticity of the design and the nobility of the material.

For us, upholding high-level quality measures underscores our commitment to showcasing the best of Canadian furniture design.

The best starting point is conceptualizing the furniture’s composition and what we want it to represent. A glimpse into the past, to draw inspiration from classic forms, allows us to bring innovative ideas into a new dimension.

Our in-house design and development team takes every element into account—lines and proportions, harmony of form and material, production technique, and assembly methods—before turning it over to our master craftsmen.

  • Detail and craftsmanship

Ficari furniture manufacturing process is seen from a holistic perspective. Each luxury piece is exquisitely crafted entirely in-house, by us, for you.

Starting from selecting the highest-grade timber and then moving onto cutting and shaping upholstery finishes to the seamless joining of different parts.

Prototyping and testing is an essential feature of our production. We carefully examine each model to identify any flaws in form, functionality, aesthetics, or ergonomics.

Our team of woodworkers, pattern makers, upholsterers, and machinists spend considerable time and effort to give shape to handcrafted pieces that stand out within the most sophisticated environments.

Wood, metal, leather, and various types of fabric become a precious tool in the hands of the finest artisans with time-honored skills required to transform raw material into furniture that meet our exacting standards.

  • Care until completion

With sustainability and ethical practices at the center of our luxury furniture manufacturing process, control checks are rigorous at all phases of production to ensure clients receive the well-crafted pieces they have come to expect.

With the right tools and techniques, a refined product that exudes premium craftsmanship is made. Top-tier construction and perfect finishing guarantee that your investment will stand the test of time.

Once finished and certified, products move to the packaging phase. From our factory to its final location, furniture is carefully packaged and expertly handled to ensure beauty and performance that pleases our clients across the globe.

September 15, 2023

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