The foyer tends to be the first space that catches the eye. Its interior can set the tone for a home's full story—hinting at what's to come when one moves beyond the first few steps through the door and begins to explore.

Because the first glimpse of the home lingers, the layout and positioning of furnishings can demarcate the foyer from the rest of your house and give it a distinct feel.

Whether you’re dealing with an expansive foyer or a pint-sized area carved out to create the effect of an entryway, good design can make any space impressive. Here’s what you need to know to elevate this part of your home:

● Define your Style

By its very nature, the foyer is the moment a home introduces its personality. When conceiving the perfect design for this transitory spot, it’s important that the décor scheme supports the rooms near it but also holds its own.

If your foyer is looking a little lackluster, then now isn’t the time to shy away from creating visual appeal and intrigue. Certainly, cultivating your decor style is a gradual process that allows you to decorate with confidence.

Whether you’re going for high-drama, super-cozy, or simply looking to create a fun air of irreverence, there’re tons of ways to achieve virtually any style that reflects your unique taste.

● Make Function a Priority

What better way to make a welcoming and stylish impression than with the right furnishings? Seating is, of course, essential in the foyer—and the perfect piece, alongside other design elements, can create a well-appointed and functional space.

If you have a large enough foyer, The Rene sofa is a conversation-worthy sofa that can define your space and lift its tone from cold to cozy all while being practical for your everyday use. Inspired by the classic Serpentine, its geometric profile makes it an aesthetic fit for any interior design genre.

Even smaller entryways shine with visually powerful and functional seating. Deep and inviting, the Arco lounge chair is downright seductive. It stands out from a sea of options thanks to its sleek curves and graceful lines paired with unparalleled comfort.

Ficari’s array of modern seats extends to benches, too. If your foyer requires something unobtrusive but not boring—the Cinta bench fulfills the brief nicely. On a practical note, it provides a comfortable place to rest for a minute or take your shoes off, making your day-to-day life easier.


● Be intentional with Positioning

The key to a truly beautiful foyer is positioning and arranging furnishings in a way that gives the space a cohesive feel. This means choosing a handful of quality pieces so it doesn’t feel crowded and chaotic.

Not sure where to begin? From an aesthetic point of view, you want to focus on the wall your eye lands on when you step inside. It feels more intentional to orient seating so it takes advantage of this focal wall.

And since your home is all about personality, a piece of art or a series of small mirrors that act as subtle accents will make use of the wall space above while creating a focal point that leads eyes downward to your seat.

For a compact home with a narrow foyer, there's one key piece that wins every time: a bench.

Ficari’s Torii bench is sure to make a subtle statement without overwhelming the space. Practical, modern, and a dream to decorate, it’s a stunning piece to create a moment to pause or simply curate a very stylish homecoming.

Completing the look with an area rug adds a warm welcome and nothing draws attention quite like a runner. More practically, a runner creates a pathway that makes the foyer more instinctual to traverse.

December 21, 2022

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